Valcaliente Organic Rioja

Valcaliente Organic Rioja

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 This Organic wine from the Rioja valley derives from a graciano grape where it has aged in a French Oak barrel, a unique cement egg and then the bottle for greater than 12 months.

It has a deep color illuminating a mix between purple and red.  It has an intense taste with hints of mature blackberries, currants and even nectarines. The notes of milk chocolate and rose petals seeps through the palette leaving this with a pleasant and delicate smoky finish.  

This graciano grape variety can best be paired with hard and semi-soft cheeses, olives, smoked appetizers and especially feather game and red meat. 

Offered exclusively to our clients, this organic graciano grape will be an excellent addition to your inventory.  

Alcohol Content: 12.5% 

Vintage:  2013

D.O.:  Rioja

Varietal: Graciano

Rest Sugar:   1.10 g/l

Acidity:  6.2 g/l

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