Gala Organic Chardonnay

Gala Organic Chardonnay

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This Chardonnay is 100% organic.  The ageing process occurs in the French Oak barrel originating from the forest of Nevers, France.  

The taste of the grape after maturation has hints of grapefruit and even butter!  It has a remarkable lengthy taste giving it a creamy boldness and development. 

The color has a golden sun appearance with a pale green hue.  This Organic wine will be best paired with fish, soups and mild cheeses and therefore a great pairing for cuisines in Southeast Asia.

Botella Divina offers this wine due to its organic qualities and highly recommends it to our clients!

Alcohol Content: 13.4% 

Vintage:  2017

D.O.:  Castilla

Varietal: Tempranillo Blanco

Rest Sugar:  .39 g/l

Acidity:  6.01

Wine Score: 90 points 

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