La Nieta Rioja

La Nieta Rioja

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It's the grandmother of Rioja Alavesa!  Grown on the same plot since 1975, the vine roots are deep in a sandy rock subsoil terrain on less than 2 hectares.  The cultivation of this vineyard is completed by horse and plow with each grape hand-picked directly off the single trellis vine and is chosen meticulously.  

Its harvest is macerated using feet in a slow process allowing for a 'delicate, subtle,very fine and complex French Burgundian character maturation and is extremely elegant; a world class fine' as described by The Wine Advocate. 

Aged for 18 months in the French Bordelaise barrel. 

Alcohol Content: 14.2% 

Vintage:  2014

D.O.:  Rioja

Varietal: Tempranillo

Rest Sugar:  2.2 g/l

Acidity:  5.2

Wine Score: 96 points 

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