Osoti Organic Young Rioja Blanco

Osoti Organic Young Rioja Blanco

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 This organic wine from the Rioja baja valley is 100% Tempranillo blanco. It grows alongside the rolling hills of rioja, nestled amongst olive groves.  It makes a fine addition to our Organic collection offerings and also is Vegan.

It is fragrant with an aroma of clean, fresh and airy.  It's hue is of a pale yellow and reminiscent of St. John's pear, passion fruit and even pineapple.  It is remarkable for its complexity. 

The palate tastes of a soft wine with a balanced acidity and is sweet and very pleasant.  It is a great pairing with vegetables, e.g., asparagus, artichokes; olives, young and semi-hard cheeses and smoked appetizers.   

Alcohol Content: 13.5% 

Vintage:  2017

D.O.:  Rioja

Varietal: Tempranillo Blanco

Rest Sugar:   > 2.0g/l

Acidity:  5.8 g/l

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