About Us

Botella Divina is headquartered out of Madrid, Spain. We are a group of wine and liquor producers and our focus is to introduce our brands to other parts of the world. We've used our deep understanding of the local and global market to become a trusted partner to work with.  

We leveraged our extensive network to bring together local growers, global distributors and high-level retailers. Our main objective is to match the needs of our international client base with the best available supply options from a diverse range of global producers.

We always provide our clients and partners with the best information available, complete transparency, and customer support that is unrivaled in the wine market.

All of our pricing and overall cost is based upon the amount of volume purchased and the transportation costs associated to the purchaser's country destination. However, Import Customs and Regulations fees are the responsibility of the purchaser. 

Botella Divina will recommend our clients to take advantage of our samples, which will enable them to find the perfect wine and liquor from our current collection. We will assist each of our clients in searching and pairing the correct wine to meet your individual needs and tastes. After we are aware of your preferences, we will coordinate timely delivery of our collection samples thus ensuring all of our clients remain extremely satisfied.