El Puntido Rioja

El Puntido Rioja

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This Rioja wine is grown in the Rioja Alavesa territory and is 100% Tempranillo grape.  It is cultivated on 25 hectares with the upmost concern by adding own organic materials for fertilization as no synthetic fertilizers are used! 

It has aged for 16 months in the French barrel and has a garnet color and has tasting notes of cherry bringing an elegant taste to your palette. 

It is best paired with a bird game meat such as chicken, pheasant, quail and duck.      

Alcohol Content: 14.3%

Vintage:  2014

D.O.:  Rioja

Varietal: Tempranillo

Rest Sugar:  2.0 g/l

Acidity:  5.07 

Wine Score: 93 points 

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