Gala Organic Debir

Gala Organic Debir

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This wonderful 100% Organic wine is aged for approximately 12 months in a French Oak barrel from the forests of Troncais and Bertranges, France.   

The Tempranillo grape is harvested on an impressive vineyard estate in the region of Castilla la Mancha in central Spain, home of the legend of Don Quixote. 

The pleasant and velvety smooth taste is due to the tannins of the grape and the process required for an Organic certification. 

Botella Divina offers this exclusively to our clients in promoting a healthy environment on an ecological and organic Spanish farm.    

Alcohol Content: 14.5% 

Vintage:  2013

D.O.:  Castilla

Varietal: Tempranillo

Rest Sugar:  .16 g/l

Acidity:  4.16

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